Is CBD Legal?

CBD - our favorite naturopathic medicine that has become increasingly popular among those with chronic medical conditions, autoimmune disorders, athletes, and general consumers hoping to improve overall health. However, its legal status remains confusing to most.

We're here clear it up.

Stated in the most simple way -  In the United States you can legally order CBD online and use it however frequently you wish in all 50 States. You can even purchase a variety of products right here on our site. *gleam*

While marijuana and the compound THC are still considered Schedule I substances at the federal level, CBD is not. Even so, the majority of States have voted to take THC off of the Schedule I list and have made some ground. In 29 states it is legal to use and purchase cannabis products as long as it is for medicinal purposes and you have a doctor recommended medical cannabis card. In eight states, it is recreationally legal to use or purchase marijuana products without a doctor recommended medical cannabis card.

It is unfortunate that there have been so many obstacles in place for people to have access to a natural product that can drastically improve their health and wellbeing. We are positive soon you will be able to purchase and use natures powerful medicine around the world.