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We all know that sex is more than, well, sex. There’s no perfect how-to and it is more complex than just intercourse – especially if you want to experience an intensified orgasm.

Sex is physiologicalWorried about how you look without clothes on? Maybe living in the fear of not living up to your partner's expectations? It’s not just you – millions of people suffer from bedroom performance anxiety. Your anxieties have a way of pulling you out of the experience and quickly halting sex drive.  

Let us help you and your partner relax the mind and unwind the body with touch and  Hemp CBD products to boost your bedroom experience.  

Here are 4 simple steps that go far beyond intercourse to bring the fire back to your sex life. They involve touching, feeling, and acupressure - creating intimacy between you and your partner. Touch and the powerful effects of Hemp CBD products work together to dissolve mental and emotional blockages, increase stimulation, and help you and your partner reach new heights in the bedroom.  


If you are a victim of sexual anxieties, ingesting Hemp CBD oil can help combat mood-killing thoughtsHemp CBD works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which has a calming, stress-eradicating effect on the brain. 

On average, Hemp CBD Extract takes about 20-30 minutes to take effect. Place a dropperful of DAILY Premium Hemp CBD Extractand hold under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. Don’t forget to share the experience with your partner! 

Let the calmness and presence begin.   

*** Just a reminder that Hemp CBD Extract is not psychoactive and will not make you “high”. 


While waiting for CBD to take effect, prep yourself. Feeling grungy or uncomfortable does nothing for your sex drive. Just check the boxes and wait for the experience.  

  • File your nails. Jagged edges are quite distracting and NOT relaxing
  • Put on your cozies... or if the situation permits, wear nothing at all 😉 
  • Set the mood lighting
  • Light your favorite candle or put lavender in your essential oil diffuser 
  • Wash your hands! Who knows what you’ve touched today, and dirty fingers can irritate female’s lady parts 


Get out your RESTORE & REPAIR Hemp CBD Cream and get ready to relax, relieve, and awaken your partner from head to toe. Applying Hemp CBD topically helps to relieve pain, increase blood flow to an area helping to clear tension and heighten nerve sensation – amplifying your senses. 

Acupressure, a traditional Chinese medicine, has been practiced for over two thousand years. Through pressure points you can stimulate invisible channels of vital energy (qi (ch’i)), organizing a system of communication that has powerful effects on the body.    

Here are expert recommended acupressure points that are intended lower brain activity, increase blood flow to the core of the body, promote bonding, and up your pleasure. 

  • Sit up and place a pillow in your lap and have your partner lay their head on the pillow and close their eyes. Rub your hands together vigorously until warm and gently apply pressure to your partners face on cheeks, eye sockets, and temples. 
  • Swipe a small amount of RESTORE & REPAIR on the pad of your index/middle finger and apply mild pressure into the following locations for at least 60 seconds each (hint – open communication with your partner is key to ensure proper pressure/location): 

FACE/ HEAD (touching and releasing pressure points in the head and face can help lower the brains activity and bring your attention to the core of the body) 

  • GV24.5 THIRD EYE (in the middle of your eyebrows where the nose meets the forehead) 

  • LI20 FACIAL BEAUTY POINT (at the base of the cheekbone directly outside of the nostrils on both sides of your face) 

  • TW17 HEAVENLY GLOW POINT (point under the earlobes behind the jaw) 

FEET/ LOWER LEGS (locations intimately connected increasing blood flow (obviously important when it comes to sex) and the male and female sexual organs) 

  • KI1 KIDNEY 1 (bottom of the foot, about a third of the way down) 
  • SP4 SPLEEN 4 (inside of the foot at the base of the toe) 

  • KI7 WARMING YANG (inside the calf, 2 inches about the ankle) 
  • SP6 CALMING YIN (inside the calf, 2.5 inches about the ankle) 

  • From here you can swipe a larger amount of RESTORE & REPAIR into your hands and move to a free-form massage of the feet/ lower legs... slowly moving up to the upper legs and beyond. Be sure to maintain contact at all times! 


DAILY Hemp CBD Extractis safe to be used internally and makes for a great lube and is even safe on the most sensitive of bodies! Applying Hemp CBD topically, externally or internally, increases blood flow and heightens nerve sensation. – amplifying sexual pleasures and intensifying orgasms. Meow. 

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